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Steam announces its top releases for August 2019

A lot of stellar titles came out in August and Steam has revealed which of these performed the best on its platform.


August was a big month for gaming (as is the rest of Q4), and Steam has just released its statistics for the top 20 games released on its platform in August. The stats also included the top 5 free-to-play titles. There are some surprises in the list, but also a few bangers that everyone should play.

Steam Top 20 releases for August

A whole lot of games get released on Steam every month. It’s a competitive dog-eat-dog world out there, so when 20 titles rise to the top, it’s important to celebrate them. Steam has just done that with the below list, which are sorted by their release date.

The metric Steam used to ascertain these titles is a game’s revenue generated in the first two weeks of its release:

The press release also noted that 15 different countries are represented in the top 20 list. It’s great to see such a diverse collection of developers. Furthermore, for 12 of these developers, it’s their first time appearing on Steam.

Steam Top 5 free-to-play releases for August

Just as deserving of praise are the free-to-play games. Though without a price point acting as a barrier for entry, the metrics used to find these titles was a little different. Steam utilized peak concurrent player count to work out which of these August releases performed the best. Here they are, ordered by release date:

We’re quickly approaching the end of September, and with even more titles released this month, it will be interesting to see Steam’s next top performers. Out of the titles listed, there are plenty that have gone under my own radar in this rather intense period of gaming. Perhaps a few of these will make their way onto my wishlist so I can nab them in Steam Winter Sale!

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