Borderlands 3 Destiny Easter Egg: Find Dinklebot & Loot-O-Gram

Learn how to find the Destiny Easter Egg and take down Dinklebot in Borderlands 3.


Borderlands 3 is chock full of great Easter Eggs for players to find and we’ve got a special one today, as the crew over at Gearbox has revived the infamous Dinklebot name to bring us one of the coolest little Easter Eggs in the game. In this guide, we’ll go in-depth into how to find Dinklebot, as well as where to take the Loot-O-Gram reward you receive for killing it so you can complete the Destiny Easter Egg hidden in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Destiny Easter Egg: Find Dinklebot & Loot-O-Gram

To find the Destiny Easter Egg in Borderlands 3, players are going to want to head over to Skywell Station-27. This particular junction is located on Prometha and is unlocked later in the game as you take on Maliwan. Continue through Skywell Station-27 until you reach the area called Maliwan Modulars, and then continue through and look for a pile of trash next to a truck. Once here, look out for an enemy named Dinklebot that resembles the Destiny Ghost companion quite a bit.

Destiny Easter Egg - Loot-O-Gram in Borderlands 3
You'll receive the Loot-O-Gram for killing Dinklebot in Borderlands 3.

Unfortunately, the spawn rate for Dinkelbot appears to be pretty rare, which means it might take a few tries to spot it. If you’re having trouble getting it to spawn, remember to leave to the main menu and then reload the game to refresh everything. Taking down Dinklebot will reward players with a special item called the Loot-O-Gram. Similar to the Engrams that players collect in Destiny 2, the Loot-O-Gram will need to be decrypted to obtain the reward inside.

To decrypt the Loot-O-Gram players will want to head back to Sanctuary III. Once there, make your way down into the cargo hold and speak with Crazy Early at the Black Market. He’ll decrypt the Loot-O-Gram, returning a nice, shiny, Common rarity weapon. How quaint, it’s just like the good ole Destiny days.

Borderlands 3 - common drop for turning in Loot-O-Gram
Just like the original Destiny, the Loot-O-Gram unlocks some underwhelming rewards.

Now that you’ve found the Destiny Easter Egg, head over to our Borderlands 3 guide and FAQ for more information and help finding other hidden secrets in the game, like how to get the Rick and Morty gun, or the Lord of the Rings Easter Egg.

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