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Where to find Dampe and the dungeon editor - Link's Awakening

One of Link's Awakening's most exciting new features is the new Chamber Dungeon creator. But finding the dungeon editor is half the battle, so Shacknews is here to tell you where to look.


Gravedigger Dampe is holding a new feature for the Link's Awakening remake, holding the Chamber Dungeon editor within his quarters. While The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is a faithful re-creation of the original Game Boy classic, there's one major new addition to the game that its predecessor did not feature. There's a special dungeon editor feature called the Chamber Dungeon, which allows players to craft their own custom labyrinths of doom based on what they've seen. Dampe is happy to assist players on their path towards customized greatness, just as soon as they find him first.

Finding the Chamber Dungeon editor might take a little bit of work, however. Fortunately, Shacknews is here to offer some assistance.

Where to find Dampe and the dungeon editor - Link's Awakening

Link's Awakening - Dampe's Shack

The Chamber Dungeon will not be open for business out of the gate. You're going to have to get through a small percentage of the main quest first. Dampe will not offer the Chamber Dungeon editor to you until Level 2, the Bottle Grotto, has been completed.

Once you've completed the Tail Cave, you're asked to go up to Tal Tal Heights to rescue BowWow from some Moblin kidnappers. You can find Dampe waiting for you just east of the Moblin hideout where the kidnappers were holding BowWow. Dampe will talk to you about how impressed he is to see you survive the game's first dungeon and asks you to meet him over at his shack, a little farther east. Walk about one screen to the east and you'll find Dampe's shack. If you can't see it, go into another area and return and you'll find Dampe waiting for you at his own doorstep.

Link's Awakening - Dampe's Shack

Walk inside Dampe's shack with him. If you haven't completed the Bottle Grotto, he'll shoo you away to complete that dungeon first. If the first two dungeons have been completed, he'll tell you everything you need to know about building your own custom dungeons. From this point forward, you'll find Dampe waiting for you inside his shack. Return to him after completing every dungeon from this point forward in order to receive new Chamber Dungeon pieces. They'll help you create more complex dungeons.

Now that you've found Dampe, you can get started on crafting your own custom Chamber Dungeon editor creations. We'll have more tips, advice, and tricks for Link's Awakening in the days ahead. Keep it on Shacknews for all of the latest guides and content.

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