Carmack wants to hold your hand in Minecraft

John Carmack suggested a fun, cute feature that could be implemented in Minecraft, and it sounds like a good idea.


John Carmack proposed an interesting bit of feedback for the Minecraft team on Twitter, suggesting a new way to interact.

Carmack shared a fun idea, saying that "holding hands" could be an interesting mechanics. Honestly, we agree!

"It would be cute seeing best friends and various mobs walking like that, but there could be consequential things like crossing otherwise random portals together or forming coven circles for magical acts," he wrote, also acknowledging it could be used as a way to play the classic children's game Red Rover as well.

After Carmack took to Twitter with his idea, people chimed in and agreed, saying that it could be an interesting way to hang out with friends. Others just made it into something weird, as many internet denizens tend to do. The idea is a pretty good one – there isn't really any way for players to emulate friendship or romance and things like that in-game, so it would be a cute addition to a game that's already full of ways to express yourself.

It's unclear why John was sitting around thinking about new ways to interact in Minecraft, however. Maybe he's enjoying it in his free time? His previous tweet was about welding sparks and the one following Minecraft was meant to address Oculus Quest developers. Whatever the reason may be, perhaps he's just trying to offer his thoughts on what could make a good game even better. We already know he knows what he's talking about when it comes to game design. So when he makes a suggestion, perhaps it's a good idea to stop what you're doing and listen. Who knows? Maybe this feature will be making its way to Minecraft soon enough! 

Thanks to anhero for bringing this to our attention with his Chatty thread. This is a cool idea, and it's odd that you can't already do this given all the customization options and actions available in Minecraft. 

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