Knights and Bikes: The Animated Series in development

Double Fine and Foam Sword Games' co-op journey of two little girls finding adventures on their bicycles is now set to become an animated series.


As publishers, Double Fine has had an eye for talent and for games that strike a lasting chord with its players. When they announced that they would back Foam Sword Games' Knights and Bikes, the potential was certainly there for the game to find an audience, given its lighthearted story, its unique co-op premise, and its gorgeous art. But now Foam Sword's effort is about to find an entirely new audience, as Knights and Bikes is about to become an animated series.

The folks at Tiger Aspect Productions have picked up the rights to develop Knights and Bikes as an animated TV show. The show is expected to follow the game's main characters, imagination-fueled kids Demelza and Nessa, as they embark on adventures around their neighborhood. Like in the game, expect to search for treasure, solve puzzles, and face dangerous creatures... that may or may not turn out to be everyday household items.

"The energy, humour and joy that continually bursts out of TV animation was a large inspiration in creating Knights And Bikes, not just in the way it looks, but also in the themes and tone of the game," said co-creator Rex Crowle via press release. "It's a fantastically fun new development for us to be working with Tiger Aspect on a Knights And Bikes animated series, and taking things full-circle."

Knights and Bikes has already branched out beyond gaming, becoming a series of children's books from author Gabrielle Kent. When it will officially make the transition to animation remains to be seen. This wouldn't be the first time that a Double Fine-published property has made the jump to children's animation. Costume Quest recently debuted as an animated series on Amazon Prime from the acclaimed team at Frederator.

As for Knights and Bikes the video game, it released at the end of August to acclaimed reviews, including here at Shacknews. This co-op effort is available now on PC and PlayStation 4.

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