Space Channel 5 VR interview: Left, left, shoot, shoot, shoot

We talk with the team behind the VR port of one of Dreamcasts most popular games, Space Channel 5.


An incredibly diverse selection of games was one of the Sega Dreamcast’s biggest selling points. Across the console’s 18-month lifespan, it saw games released that covered every popular genre you could imagine, as well as a few that created their own. Space Channel 5 was a game that was so wildly different than what was conventional at the time and is still unique enough to turn heads twenty years later. Sega is reviving the franchise for PSVR and hoping that a whole new generation of fans will come to love Ulala and the endless supply of dancing aliens.

The Shacknews street team was on the Ground in Japan this week for the 2019 Tokyo Games Show and got the opportunity to speak with the team behind Space Channel 5’s resurrection for PSVR.

The original game followed intergalactic reporter Ulala as she dealt with an alien invasion. The invaders took innocent folks hostage and forced them to dance. As most of the intergalactic television stations fought each other for ratings, one station by the name of Space Channel 5 sent Ulala to report on the news and attempt to save the hostages with some hot dance moves. Ulala saved the hostages by ensuring that the aliens were getting served.

Space Channel 5 followed Ulala across the galaxy and reached a finale where she uncovered the mastermind responsible for the aliens and brainwashing. The game had a wonderful mix of dance music and 1960s kitsch, as well as a surprise appearance from the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. 

It is a safe bet to assume Space Channel 5 VR will not include Michael Jackson, but the development team has high hopes that they can find another pop star to work with prior to the game’s completion. Space Channel 5 VR is expected to release for PSR by the end of 2019.

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