Shovel Knight Dig: 13 minutes of gameplay from PAX West 2019

Journey through Yacht Club Games and Nitrome's newest collaboration, as the Shacknews staff goes hands-on with Shovel Knight Dig for the first time at PAX West 2019.


Yacht Club Games had a very busy PAX West this year, bringing four games to the show. Their booth was filled with convention-goers looking to see the latest that the indie developer had to offer and that included the newest side story for Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight Dig drew some interest from PAX West attendees, but also got the attention of Shacknews. Not only did we try the game out for ourselves, we got our findings on video.

This is certainly different in a lot of ways than the original Shovel Knight that was first released back in 2015. This collaboration between Yacht Club and Nitrome utilizes a more 16-bit aesthetic, bringing Yacht Club's original mascot into a new generation. It also has a whole new premise. As Drill Knight absconds with Shovel Knight's treasure, the chivalrous shoveler must give chase and that means digging through piles and piles of dirt. After all, he's got a shovel, so he should find some more ways to use it, right?

This 13 minutes of gameplay footage taken by the Shacknews staff offers a first-hand look at what players can expect. It also shows the team learning about the various mechanics as we go along, finding secrets and discovering rewards in-between stages. We also go one-on-one with Spore Knight, getting accustomed to the boss character's various patterns until we ultimately come up short.

There's a lot more to learn about Shovel Knight Dig, so for that, you're going to want to revisit our written hands-on preview, where we go more into detail on this fascinating effort from Yacht Club and Nitrome.

Shovel Knight Dig is coming soon to PC and consoles, with more release details expected in the near future. For more gameplay footage, guide assistance, and interviews, you're going to want to hit the Subscribe button for Shacknews and GamerHub.TV on YouTube.

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