Battlefield 5 update 4.4 notes adds Provence and Lofoten Islands maps

Two more maps have joined the Team Deathmatch and Squad Conquest maps for Battlefield 5 as part of Tuesday's 4.4 update.


The conflict continues to intensify in Battlefield V and it looks like the battles are spreading even further across the European continent. Earlier today, EA and DICE released Battlefield V's 4.4 update, which is headlined by the debut of two all-new maps.

Starting today, as part of the continuing Battlefield V roadmap, players can check out Provence and Lofoten Islands. Let's take a look at both maps and what information we can gleam from the Battlefield website:

  • Provence: This map is set in 1943 France, with the nation under Axis occupation. If you're looking for close quarters battles, this will likely be the map for you. This infantry-only map promises action around every corner, with little time to stop and strategize. There are spots for snipers, but good luck prepping your shot. Capture points can be found on the Church Courtyard, Riverside Manor, and Anti-Air Plaza.
  • Lofoten Islands: The Lofoten Islands are a region just off of Europe and this map takes players to 1941's Operation Claymore. There are two islands to be aware of, one containing a fish oil factory and another containing a village. They're both small areas, able to only house infantry. It's ideal for combat, but not for cover, so there's going to be a lot of fighting out in the open. Capture points are along Communications, Fish Barn, and Upper Vats.

The Provence and Lofoten Islands maps are now available in the Team Deathmatch and Squad Conquest game modes. DICE is helpfully providing some further pointers for each of these two map as part of the aforementioned blog post.

Tuesday's patch also adds a pair of weapons for the next two weeks of Tides of War. Players can also find a Max Career Rank increase to 500, as well as a slew of stability improvements, balance changes, and bug fixes. Everything contained in today's update can be found on the Battlefield website's detailed update notes post.

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