Where to find glitched foraged items in Fortnite

Everything you need to know to find glitched foraged items in Fortnite, so you can complete this week's latest challenges.


It’s a new week, which means it is time for a batch of new challenges in Fortnite. While the Battle Pass challenges have changed a bit since the pass’s original introduction. This week’s slew of challenges, dubbed “Junk Storm” by the team at Epic, includes a task to find and use glitched foraged items in Fortnite. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to make that happen.

Where to find glitched foraged items in Fortnite

Players that have been following the events of Season 10, or Season X as Epic likes to call it, will be well aware of the massive explosion that recently destroyed the indoor soccer field that’s been around in the game for quite some time. Where the field once stood, a smoldering crater now remains, a crater slap full of glitched consumable items.

Where to find glitched foraged items in Fortnite
Visit the now exploded indoor soccer field west of Tilted to find the glitched consumables you need to use.

To find this particular area you’re going to need to make your way west out of Tilted. The area on the map is unmarked, which means you’ll need to keep an eye out for it with your eyes. Once you find the area, though, completing this challenge is a walk in the park. Make your way down to the ground and then start looking around for the various glitched consumables scattered all around.

You’ll need to eat five of the glitched foraged items if you want to complete the task, and they’ll count even if you eat them before the area glitches. When you’ve consumed five of them, head back out into battle and keep an eye out for enemies.

Now that you know how to find glitched foraged items, you can head back over to our Fortnites guides hub, where you’ll find a slew of other great guide content to help you complete the latest challenges in Season 10.

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