How to use Assist Features in RAD for easier play

Having a tough time navigating the Fallow? Learn how to use RAD's Assist Features to make your journey into the double apocalypse a little easier.


The double apocalypse is a dangerous place and even for seasoned roguelike veterans, RAD may prove to be an intense challenge. While those accustomed to the roguelike will likely look to trudge through, what about the novice, who isn't used to this type of game, but enjoys RAD for its 80s aesthetic and its simple to pick up gameplay? There might be something that can help you out if you can enable the game's Assist Features.

RAD Assist Features

How to enable Assist Features in RAD

RAD does not include traditional difficulty settings. It's a roguelike, so it is what it is. However, there are ways to make things a little bit easier for you, the player. Go to the Options menu and hit Gameplay. At the bottom of that menu, you'll find something called "Assist Features." If you hit the corresponding button, you'll find a handful of helpful options that can help you out on your journey.

Here are the options you can find:

  • No damage from cliff falls
  • Increased attack power
  • Start with Bank Pack artifact in inventory
  • Extra starting health
  • Start with ranged Exo Mutation

All of these features should make your trip through the dangerous radioactive world of the Fallow a little less dangerous. If you're a beginner who keeps falling off cliffs, this will eliminate the punishing health penalty attached to that. Increased attack power should help out against the game's various boss characters. And then there's the ranged Exo Mutation, which is invaluable when you're taking on mutants in high numbers.

The Assist Features are optional and you can skip through them entirely. There is no penalty for accepting or refusing them. However, they cannot be used in Daily Challenges or combined with Quirks. But if you're not a regular roguelike player and want to experience the fun world of RAD with a little bit less pressure, consider using these to enhance your adventure.

RAD is available now on PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. For more, check out our review.

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