Lead Producer of next Dragon Age Fernando Melo leaves Bioware

Lead designer Fernando Melo has left Bioware, marking the second studio departure in the past week.


Another high-level developer has parted ways with Bioware. Last week saw the departure of Ben Irving, lead producer of Anthem, and now it appears that Dragon Age lead producer Fernando Melo is also leaving the studio.

Announced through Melo's Twitter account, the departure marks the end of Melo's 12-year run with Bioware. He previously worked on Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 before becoming the lead producer on Bioware's upcoming Dragon Age game.

In an email sent to other members of Bioware Edmonton, Melo explained that he wanted "to take some time to disconnect and figure out what [he'd] like to focus on as a next chapter, and this seemed as 'good' / least disruptive timing as it would likely get."

The email goes on to express Melo's optimism for the upcoming Dragon Age release and his eagerness to see the final product:

It's not totally clear what Melo would like to do next, or even if his future plans may entail the same kind of work that he did at Bioware. Still, Melo seems pleased with everything he's been able to accomplish alongside the studio, and the same feelings were echoed by Ben Irving, who left Bioware to work for a new company last Thursday.

Even though Melo is gone, the work on the next Dragon Age game continues. Bioware hasn't yet given the game a proper title — most are simply calling it Dragon Age 4 — so it's safe to say any sort of firm release date is still unknown. Fortunately, players can keep on top of other fresh releases and upcoming launches with Shacknews' 2019 video game release date schedule.

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