Rainbow Six Siege adding rewards and lore with Battle Pass

Rainbow Six Siege is adding some new incentives for its users to keep on playing, adding new rewards and some backstory with an all-new Battle Pass system.


There's a lot of new content set to hit Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege in the weeks ahead, but not everything is about new Operators, reworked maps, or fixes aimed at player behavior. Ubisoft is also hoping to shoot some season-specific rewards at its player base, adopting similar models as other games. With that in mind, the publisher unveiled the Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass prior to Sunday's Six Major Raleigh Grand Finals.

Don't expect the Battle Pass to be a straight copy of what other games are doing. Many elements are going to look the same. The main idea is that the more games of Rainbow Six Siege are under your belt during the Battle Pass period, the more rewards that the community as a whole will unlock. These rewards are mainly cosmetic items for your Operators. More information about specific rewards will be revealed in the weeks ahead.

However, the biggest difference that Rainbow Six Siege is implementing involves a lore element. Players will meet a character named Harry, who has a connection to the Siege Operators. The community will learn more about Harry, as well as the backstories for all of the various Operators, through special motion comics.

Battle Pass will be deployed in two phases. The first will run over a seven-day period and include seven tiers. It will be free for all players and is mainly being used as a test run, with Ubisoft taking player feedback. The second phase will come later this year during Season 4, with Free and Premium levels available.

The Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass is coming soon. For more on what's coming to Ubisoft's tactical shooter, be sure to check out our full preview of Operation Ember Rose.

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