Chikara: Action Arcade Wrestling drops announcement trailer

The Philadelphia-based wrestling promotion Chikara is getting its own video game and has a new trailer to celebrate the occasion.


Video games focused on professional wrestling used to be everywhere around the turn of the century, but are more of a rarity these days. Take Two’s WWE 2K franchise gets the most attention and biggest budget, but some new blood is entering the fight. Chikara: Action Arcade Wrestling was announced this morning by its developer VICO Game Studio and gets a fancy announcement trailer to celebrate the occasion.

Based out of Philadelphia, the Chikara wrestling promotion has been around for nearly twenty years. Originally started as a wrestling school, the company went on to hold events for showcasing their students. The promotion is known for its colorful assortment of characters and family-friendly atmosphere. Many of the biggest names in wrestling have appeared on Chikara shows over the years, including Johnny Gargano, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, The Young Bucks, and Adam Cole.

Chikara: Action Arcade Wrestling aims to bring all the action of their live shows into cyber form in a new arcade-style game that will be heading to PC. Fans of classic wrestling games will appreciate the simplistic controls and fast action. The game features an art style that gives each wrestler the appearance of an animated superhero and includes loads of current Chikara superstars like Razerhawk, Fire Ant, Hallowicked, and Solo Darling. As many as thirty stars will be available on the game’s roster at launch.

Chikara: Arcade Action Wrestling
Up to ten wrestlers can duke it out at a time in Chikara: Arcade Action Wrestling.

The reveal trailer shows some of the features of the game, including wrestler customization. Various types of attire and masks will be available, each with custom colors, as well as customized move sets. Support for up to ten wrestlers at a time is shown off, as well as a flaming table. It is a safe bet to assume that the classic wrestling weapons like chairs and bats are likely to make an appearance. A Closed Beta will take place this August and sign-ups are available at Chikara: Action Arcade Wrestling will be launching this fall on Steam.

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