Visit graffiti covered billboards in Fortnite

Learn where to find all the graffiti covered billboards, and visit them, in Fortnite Season 10.


If you've been making your way through the week 2 challenges for Fortnite Season 10, then you'll soon find yourself tasked with tracking down and visiting two graffiti covered billboards in a single match. We've managed to find three billboards total so far, and in this guide, we'll show you exactly where they are, and how to visit them quickly in a single match. Let's dive right in!

Where to visit graffiti covered billboards in Fortnite

As we mentioned before, there are three graffiti covered billboards that we've managed to find so far. While we will mark them all on the map below, we'll also talk a bit about the easiest route to take to complete this challenge.

Fortnite - Visit graffiti covered billboards in a single match
We've marked each of the graffiti covered billboards on the map above. Just head to the places marked with an X to find the billboards.
  • The first graffiti covered billboard that you can find is located near Salty Springs. Just southwest of the small area, past the destroyed house, you'll find a series of three billboards on a hill near the roadway. Only one of these billboards counts towards this challenge, but you'll want to look out for the big GG smiley face spray, and then get close enough to the billboard to trigger the challenge.
  • The next graffiti covered billboard that you're going to want to visit is over near Shifty Shafts. Just westward of the main compound, there is a single billboard that holds the GG smiley spray. If you find yourself having a hard time locating it, just look around for the Reboot Van, and then you should spot it on top of the fence nearby.
  • The final graffiti covered billboard that we have managed to find is located over at the race track north of Paradise Palms. Located to the northeast of the popular town, the race track holds many pieces of loot, as well as this final billboard with the GG smiley spray. Look out for the billboard on the southern end of the parking lot, atop a wall with a few cars beneath it.

How to visit two graffiti covered billboards quickly

Now that you know where all three of the graffiti covered billboards are, it's time to talk about actually completing the challenge. First, you know that you will need to visit two of the billboards in a single match. Because of this, your best bet is to start in Salty Springs. From there, head southwest towards the billboard that overlooks the road. After you trigger that particular billboard, you can continue along your way up to Shifty Shafts, and then over to the western end of the compound where you'll find the second billboard that you need to visit. This is the quickest way to complete this challenge and visit two graffiti covered billboards in a single match.

Now that you've completed the challenge and know ho to visit graffiti covered billboards, be sure to head back over to our main Fortnite guides hub for even more help knocking out the new challenges that await you this week.

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