Spray a fountain, crane & vending machine in Fortnite Season 10

Learn where to find the fountain, crane, and vending machine in Fortnite Season 10.


As part of this week’s Spray and Pray challenge, players will need to find and spray a crane, a fountain, and a vending machine to complete one of their tasks. In this guide we’ll go over exactly where you can find the crane and the fountain that you need to spray, which will make it that much easier to complete this challenge. We’ll break down all the locations below, so let’s dive right in.

Where to spray a fountain, crane, and vending machine in Fortnite Season 10

Before we dive into how to complete this task, let’s talk a little bit about sprays first. Before you can start throwing your spray around and tagging places, you’re going to need to know how to use a spray. Like emotes, sprays can be unlocked and added to your emote wheel. When equipped, you’ll use the emote wheel to access them, and then utilize them.

Fortnite - where to spray a crane, fountain, and vending machine
One of the cranes that can be found in Junk Junction.

Make sure you also know where to find all the gas stations in Fortnite Season 10.

Now that you know how to spray, let’s get this done. Here’s what you need to do to find the fountain, crane, and vending machine you need to spray.

Where to spray the fountain

You can easily find a fountain to spray over in the Mega Mall. This section was redone last season, and you can find two fountains perfect for tagging in the area. One of the fountains is located just outside the Mega Mall (south of the main area), while the other is located inside the Mega Mall in the center of the entire main area. We’ve included a map of where to find it right here, too.

Fortnite - where to spray the fountain
You can spray one of the two fountains in the Mega Mall to complete this part of the challenge.

Where to spray the crane

Alright, so now it’s time to talk about the crane. Thankfully, finding this particular location is very easy. All you need to do is make your way up to Junk Junction. There are two cranes in the area, and you’ll just need to use one of your sprays on one to complete this portion of the challenge. Check out the map below if you need more help finding out exactly where it is.

Fortnite - where to spray the crane
There are two cranes you can spray in Junk Junction.

Where to find vending machines

This is the tricky part of the challenge, as there is an assortment of vending machines around the map, but some might not always spawn. While you could look all around the map, we'll instead suggest a couple of really good places with plenty of spawn places for vending machines.

You can usually find a few vending machine spawns in:

  • Paradise Palms
  • Neo Tilted
  • Happy Hamlet
  • Pleasant Park
  • Lucky Landing

With those three parts of the challenge out of the way, you can make your way back over to our Fortnite guides hub for even more help completing all of Season 10’s tasks.

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