How to farm EAZ minibosses in Destiny 2

Learn the quickest way to upgrade your Solstice of Heroes armor by farming EAZ minibosses in Destiny 2.


As part of Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes, players were given a set of armor that can be upgraded. One task the armor requires players complete is to kill minibosses in the EAZ. Unfortunately, although roughly a dozen minibosses can be killed in a round, not all of them count. To further complicate matters, the boss rounds and the chest hunts soak up valuable time. Thankfully, there is a way you can farm EAZ minibosses so you can get on to Masterworking the gear.

How to farm EAZ minibosses

Farming the European Aerial Zone (EAZ) minibosses in Destiny 2 is extremely easy. The main issue is invariably going to be the sheer number you must defeat. Depending on your class, a different piece of the Solstice of Heroes armor will require 100 miniboss kills.

EAZ minibosses Destiny 2
You will need to get a shot on the EAZ minibosses for the kill to count toward your armor upgrades.

Unfortunately, just because your team manages to kill 10 or more minibosses before the time expires, doesn’t mean all of these will count toward the total. The reason for this is that only minibosses you damage actually count. If you fail to land a hit on a major enemy before it dies, you won’t get the tally.

What this means is that you must get a hit on as many minibosses as possible before they are defeated. To help expedite this process, you should aim to play in a Fireteam. By having two other players whom you know in your team, you can prevent missing out on acquiring kills. Move around the map together, taking out the targets once each player lands a hit.

For those who are unable to get a Fireteam together for whatever reason, your options will be limited to randoms. Because random players may defeat enemies before you can get a hit, you need to work around this. Try and stick to a player, following them from enemy to enemy or if you’ve got the firepower, go it alone.

Once the time expires, and provided you don’t need the EAZ chests, you can simply leave the lobby and queue again. Some players may deem this to be in poor taste, but do as you please.

Farming the EAZ minibosses significantly reduces the amount of time you spend in the European Aerial Zone. However, try and do it with a full Fireteam so that some random doesn’t get dropped in during the boss round or left high-and-dry. For more tips, check out Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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