All Golden Deer characters and students - Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Find all the must-know information about each of the students and characters in the Golden Deer house of Fire Emblem: Three Heroes.


As its title implies, Fire Emblem: Three Houses allows players to choose between one of three total available houses. This decision will determine which characters the player will have access to as well as a host of other elements in the game. This guide will go over each of the students or characters available to the Golden Deer house and provide more information about each character's strengths and weaknesses.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Golden Deer | Students and characters

Like the other two houses in the game, the Golden Deer house in Fire Emblem: Three Houses has eight different primary students for players to train. For the record, each house has one leader, the leader's right-hand servant, and then six other students on retainer. Players can also recruit even more students as the game goes on.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Golden Deer Characters Students Strengths Weaknesses

Here are each of the eight members of Golden Deer in Fire Emblem: Three Houses:

  • Claude von Riegan
  • Hilda Valentine Goneril
  • Ignatz Victor
  • Leonie Pinelli
  • Lorenz Hellman Gloucester
  • Lysithea von Ordelia
  • Marianne von Edmund
  • Raphael Kirsten

Hoping to garner the favor of more students? Read our guide to discover how to recruit new units in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

For players looking for a more in-depth analysis, keep reading for breakdowns of all strengths and weaknesses for each Golden Deer character.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Golden Deer | Strengths and Weaknesses

Claude von Riegan

  • Strengths: Bows, Flying, Swords
  • Weaknesses: Spears, Spells

Hilda Valentine Goneril

  • Strengths: Axes, Spears
  • Weaknesses: Spells

Ignatz Victor

  • Strengths: Spells
  • Weaknesses: Axes, Unarmed

Leonie Pinelli

  • Strengths: Bows, Cavalry, Spears
  • Weaknesses: Unarmed

Lorenz Hellman Gloucester

  • Strengths: Bows, Spells
  • Weaknesses: Axes, Flying, Spells

Lysithea von Ordelia

  • Strengths: Spells
  • Weaknesses: Axes, Knights, Spears, Swords

Marianne von Edmund

  • Strengths: Cavalry, Flying, Spells, Swords
  • Weaknesses: Knights, Unarmed

Raphael Kirsten

  • Strengths: Bows, Swords
  • Weaknesses: Flying

As always, choosing the best characters and students involves carefully surveying the strengths and weaknesses of each. Play to your own strengths and select the characters that best suit your general strategy.

Now that you've learned about each of the characters and students available in Golden Deer, learn more about the latest Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo release by checking over the news and guides featured on Shacknews' Fire Emblem: Three Heroes home page.

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