Where to find the Prismatic Taken in Destiny 2

Discover the location of the Prismatic Taken, a special spawn during the boss round of the European Aerial Zone in Destiny 2.


Finding the Prismatic Taken during the European Aerial Zone in Destiny 2 is no easy task. This elusive enemy is not a guaranteed spawn, and even when it does appear, it’s difficult to track down. However, the more you know about the Prismatic Taken, the easier it will be to find, kill, and claim its reward.

Where to find the Prismatic Taken

destiny 2 prismatic taken
When the Prismatic Taken spawns, it will have a clue where to find it: "hiding near the Factory". As you get closer, you will see the Public Event icon appear.

The Prismatic Taken has a chance of spawning during the boss round of the European Aerial Zone activity during Solstice of Heroes. When it does spawn, it appears in a similar fashion to a Public Event, even using the same iconography. While the Taken enemy is easy to kill, the real challenge lies in finding it.

The European Aerial Zone actually has different area names, though there is no way to know what each one is called as pulling up your Ghost won’t show you. However, whenever a Prismatic Taken spawns, beside the notification will be written where it spawned: Factory, Ruins, etc.

Using this information, you can begin searching for the Prismatic Taken. Once found, you will then know what that area of the map is called, allowing you to find it faster in the future. For reference, the area opposite the starting location is the Factory while the area to the left is (I believe) Ruins.

What does the Prismatic Taken do?

The only purpose of the Prismatic Taken is to supply you with a free buff. Killing this Taken enemy causes it to drop a ball on the ground, highlighted by a star. Picking this up fully charges the Empowerment, skipping over the need to pick up 30 elemental orbs.

Beyond this, there is little point to actually finding and killing the Prismatic Taken. It can be difficult to find (until you know the map), it takes some time to kill, and it only drops a full elemental buff. This might be useful if you’re sticking around to kill the boss, but if you’re on the Legendary Solstice of Heroes armor step, it’s likely you’ll be leaving once the minibosses are defeated.

The Prismatic Taken in the European Aerial Zone is a randomly spawning enemy that is tough to find. However, once you find it and kill it, you’ll be treated with full Empowerment. Now take this information back to the battlefield and melt those bosses with Chaos Reach or the Liar’s Handshake combo! Head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more guides and walkthroughs.

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