SoulCalibur 6 Season 2 DLC includes Samurai Shodown's Haohmaru

The next batch of DLC characters for SoulCalibur 6 is in the works and will include a special guest from SNK's Samurai Shodown franchise.


SoulCalibur VI crowned an EVO world champion on Friday, with no accompanying announcement from Bandai Namco. So surely that would be it from them, right? As it turns out, that answer is an emphatic no. Bandai Namco revealed a handful of announcements for their weapon fighter, among them being that there will be a Season 2 of DLC characters. And among them will be Samurai Shodown's Haohmaru.

Haohmaru will appear as special crossover character from SNK's Samurai Shodown franchise. He will be the second character from Season 2 and the only guest fighter from another series, at least for now. This crossover DLC has been on the table for quite a while, with Hot 97's HipHopGamer bringing up the idea as early as PAX East back in the spring. Now it looks like this special collaboration between Bandai Namco and SNK is official.

That wasn't all that Bandai Namco had to show off for SoulCalibur VI. Long-time series fans were thrilled to see that Cassandra would be making her return as a DLC character. It's been a while since Cassandra took up battle, having last been seen in SoulCalibur IV. She brings much of her classic arsenal and moves to the table, immediately getting to work with her signature butt splash.

Cassandra is set to join the battle as SoulCalibur's sixth DLC character this Monday, August 5, available as part of the game's Season Pass. No word on when Season 2 and Haohmaru will be made available.

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