Destiny 2 Update makes The Mountaintop quest easier

A future update is going to make it easier to get Mountaintop, Wendigo-GL3 and some of those god-tier weapons from The Reckoning.


Bungie’s weekly blog has teased some changes coming to Destiny 2 with Update This upcoming patch will make some much-needed adjustments to a couple of Pinnacle weapons, Reckoning weapon drops, and Menagerie chests. Outside of the patch tease, Bungie also revealed a roadmap in the lead up to the release of Shadowkeep.

This Week at Bungie August 1

Following the announcement that Shadowkeep has been delayed until October 1, Bungie published their weekly blog that offered even more information about the plans for Destiny 2.

The big takeaway was the tease of Update Of the changes revealed, players chasing a few of Destiny 2’s Pinnacle weapons will be pleased to hear that the Mountaintop and Wendigo-GL3 quests will be receiving a tweak.

Destiny 2 Mountaintop changes
The quest for Mountaintop, In Pursuit of Honor, has some extraordinary requirements.

As it stands, the Mountaintop quest requires players earn 100 Calculated Trajectory kills, 200 double kills, and 100 final kills – all with grenade launchers. What this inevitably means is players use a loadout of three grenade launchers and camp Heavy ammo. It all but forces a type of gameplay that doesn’t gel with Destiny 2’s usual pace.

While no details were revealed about what exactly would be changing, it seems as if Bungie will be making it easier to complete. This may result in the required medals and kills being reduced significantly.

The same stands for Wendigo-GL3, no information was provided other than it was being made more accessible. Even without doing it legitimately, it can still take a few hours of mindless grinding in the Blind Well, so any improvements would be appreciated.

Update will also include some tweaks to Reckoning. This end-game activity was added during Season of the Drifter and has seen limited play. It suffered from a rather high difficulty level, necessitating very specific builds for players to even be able to clear it with any success. Even then, the chances of getting the weapon drop you want were severely limited. Bungie will be fixing this by toning down its difficulty, improving drop rates, and adding weapon drop protection.

destiny 2 update
The delay of Shadowkeep means there's more room for Bungie to add some events. Iron Banner should be rolling around twice before the next expansion hits.

Outside of the update tease, Bungie also covered what would be happening now that Shadowkeep has been delayed until October 1.

Moments of Triumph will be extended to September 17, giving players more time to get the MMXIX title, though Solstice of Heroes will still wrap on August 27. Before October, players can also look forward to two Iron Banners (more time to get Swarm of the Raven), as well as Mayhem, and Valor and Infamy boosts.

Next week’s blog will also include information on Cross Save, PC migration from Blizzard App to Steam, and more news about Shadowkeep. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more content.

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    Sam Chandler posted a new article, Destiny 2 Update makes The Mountaintop quest easier

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      im so confused by all the different version of this game and were to play it on pc

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        Noted, I'll do up a guide once I gather some information :)

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        There is only one live version and it's currently on Bnet. At this point you can buy everything for $40 or just the year two pass for $15 if you already own the Forsaken expansion. Any licenses you have will transfer to Steam but the date isn't completely clear since they announced that the next expansion was delayed by two weeks. Bnet still shows that it will be gone on Sep 17 but the switch may get pushed to Oct 1 like the new content.

        All of the content from year one will available to play for free on Oct 1 with the option to buy future content without needing to own all of the previous expansions/dlc. Forsaken will still available but I don't know if seasons 5-7 will be made available as separate purchases.

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