Exorcise even more demons with the newest The Textorcist update

If you've been looking for more bullet-hell, typing goodness, then The Textorcist is ready to deliver with a brand-new content update.


If you thought you were done exorcising demons with your hardcore typing skills, then you were wrong. The Textrocist: The Story of Ray Bibbia is getting a content update, which will bring new modes, trinkets, and other items to help players dive deeper into the bullet-hell madness.

If you’re not sure what The Textorcist is, then allow me to enlighten you a bit. The game is basically a bullet-hell shooter that players progress through by typing out strings of words—in latin. The new update coming in the next few days will include three new pieces for players to dive into. The first new addition is Boss Rush. After finishing the game players will be able to fight all of the bosses in sequence—one after another—in a new arena. Trinkets are also a new addition to the game, which can be earned through story mode and will grant new bonuses to players. These bonuses will either raise or lower player scores, or even grant malus.

Exorcise even more demons with the newest The Textorcist update

Finally, the last addition being made with the content update is the Monocle. This item—when equipped—will unlock new hardcore boss fights. These fights will be the most challenging fights that players have taken on and will give them even more of a challenge to defeat as they type their way to success.

We spoke with the developers on The Textorcist back at GDC 2019, where we learned a bit about the game’s brutal difficulty. For those interested in trying out the basic version of the game, a demo is available to download, and you can learn more about that here.

The new content update for The Textorcist will be available within the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for the update files, and be sure to dive in when it becomes available.

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