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WWE 2K20 officially announced with pair of screenshots

2K and developer Yukes are preparing the next installment of the in-ring brawler and have released the first two screenshots of the game.


As fall approaches, you can be sure of a few things, the arrival of new football games, new basketball games, and new wrestling games. The folks over at 2K have no intentions of disappointing the fans, so they have taken the wraps off this year’s installment of the WWE 2K franchise for the first time, ahead of its planned release later this year. In addition to revealing the game’s existence, the team also provided a pair of screenshots to give players a sneak peek at what to expect in WWE 2K20.

WWE 2K20 screenshot.
WWE 2K20 Brock Lesnar looks pretty yoked in this new screenshot.

Information about WWE 2K20 has been scarce this year. Information about the series is made public no later than E3 each year, but the game was conspicuously absent for E3 2019. 2K broke radio silence today on social media by announcing the game and dropping the screenshots, promising that an extended reveal would be happening on August 5.

The screenshots released show off the updated models for superstars Brock Lesnar and Bayley. The Lesnar shot is a straight-on affair, revealing updates to the face model and skin tones versus last year’s game. Like the real Brock Lesnar, the WWE 2K20 Lesnar has lots of red in his skin, unlike the pale model from last year. The Bayley screenshot offers less to go off of, as it is taken from much farther away from the wrestler and does not show the face. The low angle of the shot seems to be aiming focus at the virtual arena.

WWE 2K 20 screenshot
The other new WWE 2K 20 screenshot shows off the backside of Bayley.

After a few rough years, the franchise made some positive moves for WWE 2K19. A focus on the in-ring action resulted in gameplay that was more fun and better represented the real-life product than previous iterations of the game. Hopefully, WWE 2K20 can build on the momentum gained by its predecessor and deliver the best WWE game this generation. It is possible that WWE 2K20 will be the last WWE game we see this console generation.

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