How to get the Dieselkraftwerk in Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Take down powerful Nazis with ease by unlocking the Dieselkraftwerk gun in Wolfenstein: Youngblood.


There are a handful of weapons in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and one that players should definitely get is the Dieselkraftwerk. This diesel-powered weapon is capable of killing tough enemies extremely quickly. For players that are looking to collect everything the game has to offer, the Dieselkraftwerk is required to get into some of the tightly-sealed crates and rooms.

How to get the Dieselkraftwerk

Unlocking the Dieselkraftwerk is easy: it’s unlocked during the raid on Brother 2. As you fight your way into Brother 2 with your sister to gain access to the supercomputer, you will come across this kraftwerk gun sitting in a special case.

Dieselkraftwerk Wolfenstein Youngblood
The Dieselkraftwerk in Wolfenstein: Youngblood can be found in Brother 2.

There’s really no way to avoid finding the gun, as it is required to continue through the level. Without the weapon, you will not be able to lower bridges in order to reach the next area. Beside the gun is a terminal which will tell you how it is used.

Shooting the weapon simply fires out an inert sticky grenade. This grenade can be stuck to all surfaced, from special boxes that can only be opened with the grenade to the clothing of Nazis. Once attached, pressing the alt-fire button will detonate the grenade.

You can fire off as many grenades as you want. Layer them on an enemy and then detonate them to deal a massive amount of damage in a very short window. Keep in mind, the Dieselkraftwerk is best used against enemies with the thin blocks in their health bar. Using it against the enemies with the thick white blocks will yield poor results and you’ll wind up wasting ammo.

Getting the Dieselkraftwerk in Wolfenstein: Youngblood is super easy. It’s acquired a short way into Brother 2. There are more kraftwerk weapons to unlock in Youngblood, so check out the Shacknews Wolfenstein: Youngblood page for more guides!

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