How to unlock secret characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Feel the need to complete your alliance? Find out who needs to be unlocked in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and how to unlock them.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has united the very best that that the Marvel Universe has to offer. That includes the most recognizable names from the Marvel pantheon's greatest superhero teams: The Avengers, the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and even the Spider-Verse. Just about everyone is here... except for a few names.

Yes, playing through the entire Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 story isn't quite enough to unlock everyone. Some of the game's playable characters are hidden behind some special conditions. Those conditions involve clearing select Infinity trials. If you don't know where to find them, fear not, because Shacknews is here to help locate these elusive heroes and complete the conditions to unlock them.

With all of this said, there are some spoilers ahead, so if you have not played Ultimate Alliance 3 all the way through, be sure to turn back now.

How to unlock Elektra in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

How to unlock Elektra in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

You first meet Elektra in the Shadowland stage. After defeating her, the heroes manage to convince her to help take on the Kingpin. However, she doesn't officially join the alliance as a playable character. No, to get Elektra, you're going to need to do a little bit more.

The first batch of Infinity trials is Infinity Rift Gamma. While these missions come early, they don't always come easy. With that said, Elektra's unlock mission is located on the far right side of the hexagon, under "Ultimate: Bad Business."

Bad Business is a Level 30 mission that tasks you with fighting The Kingpin. That's easy enough, right? Not so much, because once you get to the second part of the Kingpin fight, he'll be joined by Ronan the Accuser and Juggernaut. Approach this fight with a high-level team, one able to withstand the Juggernaut's irritating area-of-effect attacks. Target Ronan first, since he'll likely be the easiest to take down, and go from there.

Once all three bosses are down, Elektra will join the Alliance.

How to unlock Magneto in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

How to unlock Magneto in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

You'll encounter Magneto in the X-Mansion, as he looks to use the Power Stone to put an end to humanity. After a brief clash with the Alliance, the Black Order shows up in search of the Power Stone themselves, resulting in Magneto opting to join forces with the heroes for the greater good. While the Master of Magnetism joins the heroic crew in storyline, actually playing as him is going to take some extra work.

Later in the game you'll unlock the second batch of Infinity trials. These are Infinity Rift Psi. You'll find Magneto's unlock mission at the top-right of the hexagon, under "Boss Wave."

As its name implies, you'll have to take on a trio of bosses, one at a time, starting with Klaw in Shadowland. Look out for the surrounding Hand ninjas that soon show up for cover. When you defeat Klaw, you'll face the Kingpin, who has some noticeably souped-up area-of-effect attacks. Successfully defeat the master criminal and you'll face the toughest of the three bosses: the Dormammu-powered Doctor Strange. While this trial is labeled "Level 38," you're going to need to be at a much higher level than that to survive this brutal gauntlet.

You'll certainly have to work to earn this one, but if you defeat all three bosses, Magneto will join the Alliance.

How to unlock Loki in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

How to unlock Loki in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

You first run into Loki in the middle of the Dark Dimension, finding the trickster collecting ISO-8 crystals. He surrenders a little too easily, knowing that the true fight is in Asgard. After toppling an attempted insurection by Hela and the Red Skull, Loki proves willing to join the fight against Thanos. But he won't be playable for you, at least not yet.

Late in the game, you'll unlock the third batch of Infinity trials. These are Infinity Rift Sigma. Loki's unlock mission will sit at the very top of the hexagon. And lucky you, it's another "Boss Wave."

Hope you learned a lot about facing The Black Order, because they're the ones standing in your way for this Boss Wave. You'll start off against Ebony Maw and then face Supergiant, Cull Obsidian, Corvus Glaive, and Proxima Midnight. You'll face them all one at a time, but it's still a wildly difficult task, since you'll only have three revivals across all five fights. This is a Level 45 trial, but it's recommended you go in at a much higher level. Even then, you'll need to be at the top of your game to finish this fight.

Successfully topple the Black Order and Loki will join the Alliance.

How to unlock Thanos in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

How to unlock Thanos in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Yes, you read that right. It is possible to have Thanos join your band of heroes. It may not surprise you so much if you've finished the campaign, since you'll know that Thanos joins you in the final battle. After you successfully finish the game, you'll unlock both the Superior difficulty and the final Infinity Rift.

Once you unlock Infinity Rift Lambda, you'll find Thanos located at the very top of the pyramid under "Ultimate: The Black Order." It's going to take you a while to even access this final trial and it might take you even longer to finish it, because this is indeed the toughest Infinity Trial of them all.

The Black Order isn't bothering attacking one-at-a-time for this fight. You'll start off facing Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, and a slew of minions all simultaneously. When one of the Black Order falls, they'll be replaced by Supergiant. After another falls, they'll be replaced by Cull Obsidian. When a third member goes down, Thanos himself will tag in. Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet is a tough enough fight, but he's a complete nightmare when also flanked by two other members of the Black Order. You'll need all the luck and skill you can muster to finish this battle victorious.

If you do somehow manage to come out on top against Thanos and his Black Order, you'll add the Mad Titan to your Alliance.

This won't be the last we hear of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, as Nintendo and Team Ninja are looking to add more playable characters in the future. Stay up to date on this superheroic effort by visiting the Shacknews Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 home page for more information.

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