Interview: Doctor Who goes VR in The Edge of Time

Shacknews meets up with the producer of Doctor Who: The Edge of Time to ask pressing questions about the Doctor's latest adventure.


Doctor Who fans, listen up: The Doctor is back in the house, this time in an all-new adventure developed by Maze Theory exclusively for VR platforms. Shacknews was able to meet up with Kiron Ramdewar, producer for Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 to learn more about how Mazy Theory adapted the Doctor Who canon into a virtual reality gaming format.

"Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is a full-fledged, feature-length VR game that's coming to PlayStation VR, Oculus, and Vive headsets this September," Ramdewar told Shacknews. "In this, you're playing as the Doctor's companion. She's being held at the edge of space and time by a new mysterious enemy [...] and she'll be talking to you to help you to [procure] the items needed to help restore the universe and make it whole again."

In a nutshell, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time tells a distinctly narrative experience filled with puzzle-based actions and even a few escape room-like experiences. With that said, the producer indicates that the new VR release will include its fair share of action elements, and even a few places where stealth will come into play.

Not only will The Edge of Time present the Doctor Who canon in an all-new light, players can also expect to see at least one entirely new enemy called the Hydrorks. Of course, the Doctor's usual antagonists will also be around causing trouble for the player, including the familiar Weeping Angels as well as the Daleks.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time will release for the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR in September. For more developer interviews and convention video coverage, make sure to follow Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube.

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