How to get more silver in Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Get more silver in Wolfenstein: Youngblood so you can buy all the upgrades, suits, and boosters you want.


Like most games, Wolfenstein: Youngblood has an in-game currency: silver. This silver is going to be the lifeblood of everything you do in the game, so knowing how to get more silver is going to be critical. The Nazis have a lot of their silver lying around, but there are other ways you can pad out your bank account with a bit more.

How to get more silver

silver wolfenstein youngblood
Complete Abby's challenges to earn more silver in Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Just about everything you do in Wolfenstein: Youngblood will reward you with silver. But without knowing all the sources, you might be left scratching your head. You can earn silver from the following:

  • Completing missions
  • Finishing Action objectives
  • Collecting it from the world
  • Opening special boxes
  • Completing Abby’s challenges

The first way of getting more silver is obvious: complete more missions. Each story mission you complete will reward you with a handful of silver and a bunch of XP. By finishing more side quests, you will be leveling yourself to a point where you can attack the three Brothers and filling your bank at the same time.

While out on missions, you can also completion Action objectives to earn more resources. These objectives are given out at random by Abby. If Abby starts talking and you see a square marker on your HUD, go to it and complete it.

Picking up coins is probably the easiest way of getting more silver. There are Nazi coins lying all over the place. They can be in big piles or scattered around in singles and hidden in wooden crates. You’ll only be collecting a few at a time, but every little bit helps.

silver boxes wolfenstein youngblood
Search each map for these boxes, they contain small sums of silver.

Another way is to open up special silver boxes. These boxes contain roughly 100 silver and are hidden all over the maps. Search each room thoroughly, as they can be easy to miss. You can open these boxes by yourself, so make sure you let your partner know where the box is so they can collect more silver too.

Finally, you can also earn more silver by completing Abby’s to-do-list challenges. These challenges refresh daily and weekly and require you to do different tasks. Visit her each time you login to make sure you’re earning as much silver as possible.

Now that you know how to get more silver in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, you can begin purchasing all the weapon upgrades you want and any peps, armor, or boosters you might desire. For more guides, checkout the Shacknews Wolfenstein: Youngblood page!

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