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Lord of Wolves nerf coming to Destiny 2 next week

Expect to see far fewer Lord of Wolves in Crucible next week thanks to an update coming with Solstice of Heroes.


Philosophers often ask, “Who let the dogs out,” but rarely do they ask who’s reining them back in. The answer to that last part is Bungie. The team will be deploying a patch next week that will finally address the Lord of Wolves Exotic Shotgun, which has – to put it mildly – devastated Crucible.

In all seriousness, this update has been a long time coming. Anyone who’s stepped into Crucible (whether that’s Quickplay or Competitive), will be counting down to the day that Lord of Wolves receives its nerf. That date is Tuesday, July 30. The following spectacular montage by Hush really shows off how ludicrious this season was with Lord of Wolves:

In Bungie’s recent blog post, they detailed what these changes to the Exotic gun will look like:

  • Reduce the amount of ammo Shotgun scavenger perks give to Lord of Wolves when Release the Wolves is active
  • Decrease the range of Lord of Wolves
    • This is greater when Release the Wolves is active

This sounds like exactly what the weapon needed to remain powerful but not outrageous. It will maintain its lethality, players will just need to be in closer range to pull it off. Chances are you can still melt people while in their Super, but it will be riskier to do so. 

Update 2.5.2 will also offer a few tweaks to other areas of Destiny 2. The Tribute Hall Triumphs for The Emperor’s Gladiator and Scoundrel in Uniform will not require players to wear a full set of Calus armor and instead reward more points the more armor you wear.

Iron Banner is also receiving a pass. The infamous Light It Up portion of the Test of Strength Pursuit will have its cost reduced by 50% and ally grenades will count for as many as your own. Sword kills will also be reduced by 25% and ally kills will be increased as they were for grenades.

There's more good news, especially for those that want the Menagerie sword. The first completion of the Heroic Menagerie will have a 100% chance to drop the sword. Subsequent clears will have a 25% chance to drop the sword.

Prismatic Inferno emblem Destiny 2
If you remember the laser wars, you're likely going to receive this emblem.

Outside of talks of the update, Bungie also revealed the emblem players would receive to mark the reign of the Lord of Wolves. If you play Iron Banner during this time, you will receive a pretty funky looking Emblem featuring a Kell’s head flanked by two Lord of Wolves.

An added surprise was also revealed in the blog that’s a throwback to Curse of Osiris. Remember back when Prometheus Lens turned Crucible into a big match of laser tag? Well if you completed a match during that four day timeframe, you will receive a pretty badass emblem that has a skull being melted by a laser.

Solstice of Heroes will be arriving next week, and with it Update 2.5.2. Though Bungie has discussed some changes, there could be more waiting for us on July 30. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews as we continue to cover Destiny 2. Check out the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for comprehensive weapon guides, raid guides, and more.

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