Sugarfina Nintendo themed candy lets you eat Super Stars

While they won't make you invincible to turtle attacks or piranha plants, Sugarfina's Nintendo themed candy might give you the 1-Up you need.


Confectionery and gaming go hand-in-hand and the folks over at Sugarfina have sweetened the deal further. The company is responsible for a line of gaming-themed sweets, including a host of Nintendo delights. Shacknews had the chance to talk to them at San Diego Comic-Con about what’s on offer, and even try out a few of the sugary treats. Please check out the full video below! You might even get to see a wild Ozzie snack on some Nintendo themed candy.

Sugarfina Nintendo Theme Candy

There are a variety of mouth-watering goodies on offer from the team at Sugarfina. At San Diego Comic-Con, they had a complete line-up of Super Mario. Bros themed confectionery to show off. These included all kinds of hard-shell, soft jellies, and more. The representative even introduced us to one of their favorite treats, the Super Star, which is flavoured to taste like pineapple.

These lollies could be purchased in a two or three piece bento box. The special box resembles a classic NES controller or console. No doubt this is the easiest controller to package items in. It would be a nightmare to deal with a Nintendo 64 or GameCube controller. Might just have to pack those full of gummy worms.

Sugarfina also offers champagne bears, which is what they’ve become known for. These bears are infused with Dom Pérignon, though the cooking process removes the alcohol, so they’re allegedly safe for all ages.

Sugarfina has 35 stores across North America and Canada, which means if you need to get your gaming-themed confectionery fix, there’s likely one nearby. Sugarfina’s Nintendo themed candy is bound to be a winner among gamers of all ages.

San Diego Comic-Con is the perfect place for companies like Sugarfina to flex their gaming muscles, which is why Shacknews was on the ground to get the latest news and taste the best products (where appropriate). Check out the SDCC 2019 page for even more news. You can even swing by the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels for interviews!

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