For Honor and Alan Wake free next week on Epic Games Store

Epic Games has announced the next two free games to hit the Epic Games Store: For Honor and Alan Wake.


The folks at Epic Games are continuing to give away video games for free through the Epic Games Store. While players can still download and play Moonlighter as well as This War of Mine for now, come August 2, those games will be removed come August 2, clearing way for both Alan Wake and For Honor as the next EGS freebies.

For those who may not remember it, Alan Wake originally released for the Xbox 360 back in 2010. An action-adventure game based around the titular novelist protagonist, the game earned high praise for its plot and pacing. For Honor is quite a different beast — it's a brutal, action-heavy game that takes a few liberties with its otherwise genuine historical settings. Even better, For Honor still gets new content updates to this day, with the recent Season 3 addition of new hero Hulda dropping just two days ago.

Of course, there's still time to download Moonlighter and This War of Mine for free through the Epic Games Store. This War of Mine is a survival/strategy game set during the events of the Bosnian War, offering a tense experience that was well-received for its harrowing story and daring narrative. On the other hand, Moonlighter is a more casual indie centered around a shopkeeper who moonlights as a dungeon diver. I reviewed Moonlighter on the Nintendo Switch for Shacknews back in May of 2018, and loved the unique blend of shopkeeping and inventory acquisition:

"Moonlighter feels like one of the more immediately gratifying action RPGs on the current market. It may not do anything players haven't seen before, but the focus on earning and selling items transforms simple commerce from a banal activity into an addictive process that only gets more entertaining as the game progresses."

Moonlighter and This War of Mine disappear from the Epic Games Store on August 2, to be replaced by the two new free games Alan Wake and For Honor, with For Honor becoming available on August 9. To stay on top of the latest Epic Games giveaways, stop by Shacknews' Epic Games Store home page.

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