Solstice of Heroes adds first set of Armor 2.0 to Destiny 2

Unlock the armor set now and have the new Armor 2.0 version ready as soon as Shadowkeep launches.


It’s time to prepare for the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep with another Solstice of Heroes event. This event, like the one from last year, will let players earn a full set of armor, but this time it’s got a twist. The armor will be the first to utilize the new Armor 2.0 system.

Solstice of Heroes and Armor 2.0

Unfortunately, there is one small caveat: the Armor 2.0 system won’t actually be active until Shadowkeep launches. The armor set you earn during Solstice of Heroes 2019 will still be the same run-of-the-mill armor you’ve been using for the past year. When Shadowkeep launches in September, you will be able to pick up another set of Solstice of Heroes armor from the Gunsmith, and it’s this one that will come with Armor 2.0.

This is no doubt a bit of sad news for players like myself who were hoping for an early look at the Armor 2.0 system. However, there is some obvious benefits to this. When Shadowkeep launches, you’ll have a set of armor with the 2.0 system in place and can tinker around with it then. Grind away at this armor set now to skip some grind when Shadowkeep launches.

Make no mistake, it’s probably going to be a grind to get this armor. A single line in the Bungie post subtly acknowledges this:

We know that while upgrading these sets is a fun experience, it does take a commitment of time and effort.

Much like Solstice of Heroes from August 2018, this armor can be upgraded from Uncommon to Rare and then finally to Legendary. Judging by last year’s Solstice armor upgrade requirements, you’ll have to play a lot of Destiny 2. But I mean, we all love playing Destiny 2 anyway, so no problem there.

A recent Reddit post by JpDeathBlade has given us an insight into what may be required to upgrade the armor through its various states. The first two stages seem simple enough: complete European Aerial Zone runs, collect elemental orbs, and other standard activity completions. The last stage is going to be the toughest, as it involves completing the Shattered Throne in a Fireteam of two or fewer. So it might be time to chase that solo completion – I managed to do it and it was a doozy.

Solstice of Heroes 2019 Destiny 2
There's also plenty of cosmetic goodies to earn during Solstice of Heroes, including a ridiculously tiny Sparrow.

The Solstice of Heroes Bungie post also included information on the European Aerial Zone, an area where players defeat enemies and mini bosses in order to spawn chests at the end of the activity. There will also be new emotes, sparrows, and ghosts for players to purchase from Eververse using Silver or Bright Dust. Probably save that Bright Dust, as it seems like Bungie is trying to empty our pockets before Shadowkeep launches.

Solstice of Heroes is going to kick off on July 30 and conclude on August 27, giving you four weeks to earn a full set of armor. Once the event ends, there will be a mere three weeks before Shadowkeep launches, which will be the final push to get all your Season 7 goodies unlocked, including any Pinnacle weapons you might need. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more helpful content!

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