How to download Madden NFL 20 on Origin Access Premier

PC players can get jump into Madden NFL 20 now by downloading the game through Origin Access Premier. Here's how.


The folks at EA turned some heads last year when they announced the return of the Madden NFL franchise to the PC platform at E3 2018. They aim to keep the train rolling with the release of Madden NFL 20 on consoles next week, but PC players can hit the gridiron right now, as the game is already available early for subscribers of Origin Access Premier. Here’s how to get Madden NFL 20 on PC so that you can start playing the full game right now.

How to get Madden 20 from Origin Access Premier

While the console versions of Madden NFL 20 do not officially release until August 2, football fans on the PC platform have been given a treat by EA. The game launched early at 11:00 AM ET on July 24 for subscribers of EA’s Origin Access Premiere. Not only is the game ready to play right now, but the subscription also includes access to the Ultimate Superstar Edition of Madden NFL 20 at no additional charge.

First off, you must be an Origin Access Premier subscriber. You can sign up for the service by following this link to the Origin Access Premier website. For $14.99 a month or a single $99 yearly charge, you get unlimited access to the Origin Access vault, as well as early access to the newest EA releases, like Madden NFL 20.

Assuming you're already an EA Origin Access Premier subscriber, getting access to the game is relatively straightforward. Load up the Origin app, then search for Madden NFL 20. Users can likely find it by using the Origin Access column on the left, then sorting by date. Otherwise, you can search for the game using the field at the top of the sidebar.

Once you've found the game listing, don't use the dropdown menu to select a game version — instead, click the Add Library button to have Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Superstar Edition added to your collection of games. Once the game has been added to your library, the rest of the process is simple: Just download and play.

EA Origin Access Premier subscribers will always be granted access to Electronic Arts' hottest properties, and this case is no different. PC players can now play Madden NFL 20 simply by downloading the game to their systems through the Origin app. To learn more about the newest Madden release, rush over to Shacknews' Madden NFL 20 home page.

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