Henry Simmons and Natalia Cordova consider Agents of Shield video game

What would an Agents of Shield video game actually look like? Shacknews caught up with Henry Simmons and Natalia Cordova to see what they think.


Marvel Comics has loads of hot properties right now. Between Netflix original shows such as Agents of Shield or Jessica Jones and the growing number of films taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's something out there for fans of just about any Marvel property.

However, the same isn't always true for games. Sure, we have new releases like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and the upcoming release of Marvel's Avengers, but what about the characters that don't have their own dedicated movies or shows? What about the Agents of Shield? Surely there's a good game idea in there somewhere.

To get to the heart of this curiosity, Shacknews met up with Henry Simmons and Natalia Cordova, the actors who play Mack and Yo-Yo on Agents of Shield, at SDCC 2019 to ask the burning question: What would Agents of Shield look like as a video game?

Judging by their reactions, it's safe to say the stars had never before been asked for their ideas about a new video game. Still, Cordova had a rather unique pitch all lined up:

"I would do a mix of The Sims with a single player [shooter]," Cordova said. "You would have to build your player's home and friends and family — very girly — and merge the two worlds, right? Masculine and feminine. You would have Mack in his house with Yo-Yo, making pancakes in the morning, see their kids, train with the cavalry — all that behind-the-scenes stuff that we never see. And then have them go on a mission, and the video game would switch, and we would all be singe player with our guns and stuff."

Simmons had a much more succinct idea, summarized simply as "shotgun axe." As game pitches go, it's a simple one, but if there was any place for such a mythical weapon to be found, the Marvel universe certainly seems like a good fit.

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