Batman: Hush interview: James Tucker on Batman and Catwoman

Batman: Hush executive producer James Tucker speaks to Shacknews about the relationship between Batman and Catwoman and how it helps drive this latest animated movie.


Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment has released out dozens of high-quality animated comic-based movies with a handful of directors and producers. However, James Tucker's reputation precedes him, having worked as a character designer and a producer on some of DC's most memorable animated projects, including Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and a slew of direct-to-home movies. His latest project is the highly-anticipated Batman: Hush, where he will act as executive producer. Shacknews was at Comic-Con and we took a moment to catch up with Tucker about what fans can expect from this adaptation of this comic book classic.

"It wasn't easy to 'cram all that stuff in,' as you say," Tucker told Shacknews. "With any adaptation, you have to pick and choose. And so the thing that Ernie Altbacker, the writer, and I decided was that the throughline should be the romance of Batman and Catwoman, that's the thread that connects everything. Of course, there's the mystery of who Hush is, all the messing around he's doing with Batman's life, how dangerous he is, and how he's slowly ratcheting up the tension and getting close to Batman in ways that Batman has never had to deal with."

Tucker goes into further detail on Batman and Catwoman's relationship, its complexity, and how it plays out over the course of Batman: Hush, as well as the Batman mythos as a whole. He also talks about adaptating a comic as a movie versus adapting a comic as a television show or a serial, while also maintaining continuity between animated movies.

Batman: Hush is out now on various digital platforms. A Blu-Ray and DVD release is set for August 6. For more interviews like this, be sure to keep up with our continuing San Diego Comic-Con coverage. Also, for interviews and gaming footage beyond Comic-Con, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHub.TV on YouTube.

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