Indie sci-fi RPG Everreach: Project Eden set for September

After years in development, Headup Games and Elder Games are ready to release their indie sci-fi adventure, Everreach: Project Eden, in just a few short months.


Headup Games has gradually built up a strong library of indie games published under its umbrella. And with their help, they're bringing another passion project to life in the form of a new sci-fi adventure. After years in development, the crew at Elder Games is ready to bring out Everreach: Project Eden, announcing an official release window and releasing a new trailer.

Everreach follows the story of Nora Harwood, a member of the Everreach Corporation's security division. She ventures to the planet Eden to make sure colonization is going smoothly, but encounters a series of mysterious events that require her intervention. This involves exploring the depths of Eden and defending herself against the hostile alien creatures that inhabit it. It's a third-person shooter, with Nora able to upgrade her abilities over the course of the story through a 3D skill tree.

Both Headup and Elder Games have been working on Everreach for several years. Shacknews even got an early look at the Everreach prototype back at the 2018 Game Developers Conference. It's an effort that appears to stand out thanks to its gorgeous environments and expansive vistas, painting a picture of a lush planet filled with life and filled with danger. The game started as a solo passion project of developer Ede Tarsoly, but he since expanded his team to include some key names from the gaming industry. His partners now include Mai-Anh Tran, artist for major motion pictures WarCraft and Star Trek: Beyond; Michelle Clough, former writer for the Mass Effect trilogy; and D.C. Douglas, who many will remember as the voice of Wesker in the Resident Evil series.

Headup and Elder will put together an expansive adventure, but not an all-consuming one, as they're estimating that Everreach will clock in at a little over eight hours. But they are looking to create a deep experience, thanks to the game's skill tree and detailed narrative.

Everreach: Project Eden is set to release on PC and Xbox One in September. A PlayStation 4 version is in the works and is set to release before the end of 2019.

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