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Gjallarhorn could be coming to Destiny 2 during Solar Week

Gjallarhorn, the fan-favorite Rocket Launcher, could be coming to Destiny sometime soon.


If you played Destiny on PS4 or Xbox One, you most certainly know about Gjallarhorn, the Exotic Rocket Launcher that was the one weapon to solve all problems. Given that Bungie has been recycling old guns for a bit now, it seems reasonable to think Gjallarhorn has been sitting in their back pocket waiting to flip the community on its head in what will surely be a positive public relations move with players. Well, thanks to a recent data mine, there’s a tiny reason to be optimistic that arguably the most famous weapon in the Destiny franchise could make its return.

Gjallarhorn’s original fame came for two reasons. One was because it was so damn good, and the other was because most players didn’t buy it when Xur sold it in the first weeks of Destiny. After most players missed that boat, many (including myself) waited over a year for Gjallarhorn to drop, and some (including myself) had to wait for Xur to sell it again many months later.

Thanks to a DestinyTheGame subreddit post by JpDeathBlade, there’s circumstantial evidence to suggest Gjallarhorn could land in Destiny 2 sometime in the future. JpDeathBlade noted in their data mine two interesting points:

  • Scattered pieces of a greater whole
  • Rocket Launcher Components

If you combine those two pieces of information with the mention of a “Solar Week” upcoming, you start to get the idea Guardians will be partaking in another Exotic quest, which have become more frequent in recent months. You can also see that the likelihood they’ll be building a Rocket Launcher is quite high. I suppose it could be a brand-new Exotic Rocket Launcher, right?

There were only three Exotic Rocket Launchers in the original Destiny. Truth, which is a Void weapon, is already in Destiny 2, so it’s not that. That leaves only Dragon’s Breath and Gjallarhorn, assuming the hints don’t point to a completely new weapon. Dragon’s Breath is a possibility, but why would Bungie do this? Why add Truth and Dragon’s Breath and not Gjallarhorn (unless it’s coming at an even later date), knowing full well how much good will you’d earn with the community by bringing Gjallarhorn to Destiny 2? I mean, stranger things have happened, but it seems silly to me.

Of course, this is all circumstantial and the likelihood that it’s not Gjallarhorn and the community is simply misinterpreting tiny bits of vague information remains high. However, part of me believes that eventually Gjallarhorn will find its way into Destiny 2 because it would be awesome, and Bungie knows how much it would mean to players. Doesn’t mean it’s happening during the yet-to-be-announced “Solar Week”, but if the community can’t get excited about totally circumstantial evidence on the game’s subreddit, what is the point?


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