Call of Duty: Modern Warfare unveils 2v2 Gunfight multiplayer

Activision and Infinity Ward have offered a first reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's multiplayer with more still to come.


Much has been said about Activision and Infinity Ward's return to the world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Much has been said about the game's campaign, the various characters (both known and faceless), and the setting of the single-player story. That's good for some, but there is a sector of Call of Duty fans that's all about the multiplayer. Those folks got a nice surprise on Thursday when Activision and Infinity Ward revealed the first details about an all-new multiplayer game mode called Gunfight.

Gunfight is designed as a 2v2 round-based game mode, with the idea to eliminate the two players on the opposing side. Gunfight randomly assigns weapons to all players for each round, with all players getting the same weapon to ensure an even playing field. Teams will have 40 seconds to complete the round, at which point a flag will appear along the center of the map. If either team captures and defends that point for three seconds, they'll win the round and earn a point. Gunfight will continues until one side gets six points total.

Modern Warfare - Gunfight

So far, there are three Gunfight-specific maps, designed exclusively with the new mode in mind. They are:

  • King: A warehouse interior.
  • Pine: The exterior of a dense forest.
  • Stack: A container yard out in the desert.

Prior to E3 2019, Shacknews had the opportunity to try out Gunfight and it does indeed prove to be a fast-paced affair. Our sessions mainly took place within King and there was a lot of close-quarters combat, with the game taking place within a single warehouse. There's no greater map strategy or chokepoints to think about here, mainly because the rounds unfold too quickly. More often than not, the rounds will go into Overtime, so while the main objective is about eliminating the other team, the Overtime session will favor the team that knows how to defend control points.

Another indicator that Gunfight is designed for quick and dirty skirmishes is that regenerating health is disabled. If you get shot, you'll maintain that damage for the rest of the round. Everyone starts with the same amount of health. With Gunfight's propensity for random weaponry, this mode will favor those who know the ins-and-outs of Call of Duty's various firearms. Of course, there's also room for random chaos, especially when the game decides to make rocket launchers the weapon of choice.

Gunfight is just a small slice of what Modern Warfare will offer for multiplayer, but Activision and Infinity Ward aren't ready to go into more detail just yet. That time will come on August 1 at 10AM PT, with a Multiplayer Gameplay Premiere stream set to air on Twitch. Whatever does get revealed, keep in mind that Activision has already stated that Modern Warfare will not use a Season Pass for any post-release content.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is set to release on PC (via, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 25.

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