Dawn of the Monsters is the next game from Runbow creators

13AM Games is preparing the third game under their umbrella, as the Runbow creators get into the world of kaiju with Dawn of the Monsters.


13AM Games, the folks behind Runbow and Double Cross, are already hard at work on their third game. The indie studio has been teasing a reveal for the upcoming G-Fest XXIV, which is being billed as the world's largest kaiju convention. And sure enough, it's a monstrous announcement, as 13AM has announced Dawn of the Monsters.

Dawn of the Monsters is being billed as a couch co-op brawler, with up to four players traveling the world and wreaking havoc along the way. They're seeking to defeat the Nephilim, a horde of monsters that are out to destroy the planet. This beat-'em-up will run across four worlds, all filled with fully destructible environments. Those who manage to survive the base game can challenge themselves to enter The Maw, which will offer endless brawls against a neverending line of kaiju.

Dawn of Monsters

The full reveal, complete with the game's first trailer, is set to come this Friday, July 12 during the G-Fest XXVI opening ceremonies. This will be followed by a Dawn of the Monsters panel with 13AM Games CEO Alex Rushdy. With Rushdy being a kaiju fan and also running a toy company called Seismic, LLC, the move to monster brawler seemed to be a logical one. And sure enough, 13AM Games will also produce soft vinyl figures of some of the game's characters, like the game's poster beast Megadon.

For those unfamiliar with 13AM's previous work, rainbow-colored foot racing game Runbow remains a Shacknews favorite. Earlier this year, the studio released Double Cross, an action-adventure game centered around solving a central mystery within an intergalactic agency. While Shacknews wasn't able to review this one, reviews from the gaming world as a whole were mixed.

Dawn of the Monsters is currently set for a 2020 release with specific platforms to be revealed later, but PC and console releases should be expected.

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