How long is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Here's how long buyers have to make use of the sales offered during Amazon Prime Day 2019.


There's not too much time before Amazon Prime Day 2019 kicks off, signaling a brief window for online shoppers to score significant savings. As usual, the Prime-exclusive sales event will only be open for a limited time. To make the most of the discounts, you'll need to know when it begins, when it ends, and how much time there is in between. Here's how long you have to take advantage of all that Amazon Prime Day 2019 has to offer.

How long will Amazon Prime Day 2019 last?

This year's Amazon Prime Day event will start on Monday, July 15 and end on Tuesday, July 16. It's a 48-hour sale, and though it doesn't start until the early morning hours on Monday, buyers can technically continue taking advantage of Prime Day sales all the way through the morning hours on Wednesday, depending on their time zone.

How long is Amazon Prime Day 2019? How long do the sales last?
You've got just 48 hours to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day sales.

Time zones can be confusing, so here are the important details:

Amazon Prime Day 2019 begins on Monday at 2:59 a.m. Eastern time, or midnight Pacific time. That's 12:59 a.m. Mountain and 1:50 a.m. Central time. The sale will run for a full 48 hours, ending at the same time on Wednesday morning.

For shoppers on the west coast, Amazon's Prime Day 2019 sale will run through the entirety of Monday, July 15 and Tuesday, July 16. For the rest of North America, the sale technically ends during the morning hours of Wednesday, July 17. Don't wait too long, as Prime Day will definitely be over on Wednesday at 12 a.m. Pacific, or 3 a.m. Eastern time. To stay fresh on the event's biggest sales and most noteworthy deals, head over to Shacknews' Prime Day 2019 home page.

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