COD: Black Ops 4 adds more zombies to Operation Apocalypse Z

Treyarch is sprinkling in even more of the undead with the latest Black Ops 4 update, as Call of Duty presents Operation Apocalypse Z.


The Call of Duty series has had a history of playing around with the undead, especially developer Treyarch. With that said, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is about to get its biggest zombie infusion to date with the newly-announced Operation Apocalypse Z, which plans to inject more of the undead into all game modes.

Zombies mode will receive an all-new campaign called Alpha Omega. This will be set after the events of the "Classified" and "Blood of the Dead" campaigns, in which both of those crews will come together to face a new menace. Players will now need to escape the secret Broken Arrow facility within Nuketown, taking on whole new enemy types and zombie evolutions. This is said to lead to the conclusion of the Aether storyline, bringing one of the major Zombies arcs to a close.

The zombie invasion will continue through Blackout. The standard Blackout map is seeing a light fog roll in, as players may notice that the standard announcer voice has been replaced. Meanwhile, a different Blackout map called "Quads Fog" has been added as a separate playlist, which will feature a much denser fog throughout the world. While the objective is still survival, players will also have to contend with tougher zombies, who can break down doors, garages, and other fortifications. If you can get to the Asylum area, you'll have a chance to stock up on items to help you survive against the undead menance. Oh, and against other players, too, because this is still battle royale, after all.

The Alcatraz Blackout map has also undergone some changes, the biggest one being that it now takes place at night. Alcatraz: Nightfall goes heavier on the zombies, especially when playing under the new Alcatraz Portals Horde mode, where Hellhounds and the Warden are on the hunt for battle royale survivors. Treyarch will introduce a new Pandemic mode down the road, which will see fallen battle royale players return as the undead, with infected players able to hunt down anyone still living.

Lastly, there's traditional multiplayer, which will see the return of an old friend from Black Ops 3. Reaper, the killer robot, makes his return as the game's latest Specialist. His Scythe weapon is a primitive version of his previous weapon, acting as a massive machine gun with explosive rounds. Reaper can also deploy the Radar Shroud, which can jam enemy mini-maps within range.

New multiplayer game modes include Sticks and Stones, a free-for-all mode that only uses crossbows, knives, and combat axes. More game modes are coming soon, including the return of the old-school Infected playlist.

There is much more to take in here, including new maps for Black Ops Pass owners and new characters for the Black Market, like Avenged Sevenfold's M. Shadows, Black Ops II's Russman, and Machete actor Danny Trejo. All of the details can be found on the Treyarch website. Operation Apocalypse Z comes to Black Ops 4 starting tomorrow, July 9.

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