BIG Festival 2019 Awards List – The Best Indie Games In and Outside Brazil

Which indie games received the honors at Latin America's most well-known game show? We have all the winners right here.


We just returned from Sao Paulo, Brazil, home of the popular indie game show, BIG Festival. Now in its seventh year, the BIG Festival gives indie developers the rare opportunity to schedule meetings with publishers from around the world in order to pitch their games and gain exposure. It’s the sort of event where one meeting can forever change someone’s life. For the rest, it’s a great opportunity to network and get their names an games noticed.

That said, BIG Festival 2019 was by far the best one yet, with more than 70 games available to play from developers around the world. The near week-long event culminated in the highly anticipated BIG Festival 2019 awards, where multiple developers had the privilege of having their work recognized on a global stage.

With that in mind, below is the official list of BIG Festival 2019 award winners. Some of these games, like GRIS, will be instantly familiar, while others are hidden gems that might turn into the next big things in the indie scene.

BIG Festival 2019 Award Winners

  • Best Game: GRIS (Nomada Studio), Spain
  • Best Brazilian Game: Adore (Cadabra Games), Brazil
  • Best Game Latin America: Quantum League (NGD Studios), Argentina
  • Best Art: GRIS (Nomada Studios), Spain
  • Best Narrative: Forgotten Anne (ThroughLine Games), Denmark
  • Best Gameplay: Jumpgrid (Ian MacLarty), Australia
  • Best Sound: Unheard (NEXT Studios), China
  • Best Innovative Game: Pixel Ripped 1989 (ARVORE Immersive Experiences), Brazil
  • BIG Impact – Educational: Cidade em Jogo (Fundacao Brava e Flux Games), Brazil
  • BIG Impact - Social Issues: Marie’s Room (Like Charlie), Belgium
  • BIG Impact – Diversity: Huni Kuin: Yube Baitana (Bobware/Beya XinA£ Bena), Brazil
  • Best Student Game: Burning Daylight (The Animation Workshop), Denmark
  • Best Mobile Game: Starlit On Wheels (Rockhead Studios), Brazil
  • Best Multiplayer Game: Spitlings (Massive Miniteam GmbH), Germany
  • Best Kids Game: It’s Paper Guy! (The Paper Team), France
  • Best Virtual Reality Game: Moss (POLYARC GAMES), USA
  • BIG Brands: Authentic Games Official (Little Giants Studio), Brazil
  • Humble BIG New Talent Award: Space Routine (Menic Games), Argentina
  • Nordic Game Pitch Award: Grashers (Pink Array), Brazil
  • People's Choice Award: Spaceline Crew (Coffeenauts), Brazil

Now that you read up on the BIG Festival 2019 awards, it’s time to create your indie game wish list; we already have Jumpgrid on ours! What else will you add to your wish list? Let us know!


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