Summer Games Done Quick 2019 ends with record $3M raised

Games Done Quick has broken a new record, raising over $3 million for Doctors Without Borders.


Summer Games Done Quick came to an end on Saturday evening, but few could have expected it to end the way that it did. Heading into Saturday afternoon, the folks at Games Done Quick crossed the $2 million milestone, but they weren't content to end there. The donations kept pouring in throughout the day and it ultimately led to a final total of $3,003,839 for Doctors Without Borders, which is a new GDQ record.

GDQ passed the $3 million point with just minutes remaining on the final day. The Chrono Trigger run was set to conclude the week of speedrunning action. The run went past the 5:30:00 mark when Twitch chat rallied for one final donation train. The seemingly neverending round of donations went all the way through the end of the final run, with Chrono Trigger clocking in at 5:41:25.5. When the big moment came, Rachel "SporadicErratic" Tougas made the announcement that the donation total had crossed the $3 million mark for the first time in GDQ history.

SGDQ passed the $2 million barrier just an hour into the Link to the Past/Super Metroid combo randomizer race. As Ivan and Andy each ran through Super Metroid's Wrecked Ship, the donation total continued to rise and enraptured the captive audience.

The final donation amount raised is still pending. The total takes into account direct donations from the Games Done Quick website, as well as Twitch channel subscriptions (both manual and from free Twitch Prime subs), sponsor donations, game purchases from, Twitch Bits, and merchandise proceeds from both Fangamer and The Yetee. Sales from, Fangamer, and The Yetee are set to continue through the end of Sunday.

Summer Games Done Quick now closes its doors for 2019. But Games Done Quick is far from finished. The second Games Done Quick Express will make its return to this year's TwitchCon event in September. As for Awesome Games Done Quick, GDQ's other week-long speedrunning event for charity, its dates were announced during the SGDQ finale. Not only will AGDQ 2020 be the first Games Done Quick event of the new decade, but it'll be Awesome Games Done Quick's official 10th anniversary. It will take place from January 5-12 in Orlando, Florida and seek to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Summer Games Done Quick 2020 will return to Bloomington, MN from June 21-28, 2020.

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