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The first ever global game developers conference is being live streamed in multiple languages right now. Here's how to watch.

1, the world's first ever global game developers conference, has officially begun. The conference features over thirty speakers and will be broadcast live on Twitch. All talks will close-captioned and translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. starts today and ends June 23, 2019. Please take a look. 2019 Speakers and Schedule

Here's a list of the speakers and the 2019 schedule for all of the talks this weekend:

The Power of Us - Ten Steps to forge genuine creative collaboration 

  • June 21 7:00AM EDT & June 22 6:07PM EDT
  • Craig Morrison - Design Manager, World of Warcraft

Women discrimination in game design

  • June 21 7:43AM EDT & June 22 8:59PM EDT
  • Julia Komarova - Lead Game Designer, previously worked in Playkot, Social Quantum and Mail.Ru Studio Nord. Games: Tanat Online, My Castle, Tropic Storm, Age of Magic.

Building Better Worlds through Game Culturalization

  • June 21 8:26AM EDT & June 22 7:33PM EDT
  • Kate Edwards - CEO & Principal Consultant

Gabuka and my story of children's interactive park in Siberia

  • June 21 9:09AM EDT & June 22 10:25PM EDT
  • Ivan Klimov - Commercial Director

How to set up a game studio

  • June 21 9:52AM EDT & June 22 11:08PM EDT
  • Valeria Castro - Founder and Producer at Platonic Games

Pathologic 2 Mindmap: A Questlog Players Might Actually Read

  • June 21 10:35AM EDT & June 22 11:51PM EDT
  • Alexandra -Alphyna- Golubeva - Narrative Designer at Ice-Pick Lodge

We Must Make Short Games

  • June 21 11:18AM EDT & June 23 12:34AM EDT
  • Daniel Benmergui - Independent Developer

Work on audio in tandem - the pros and cons

  • June 21 12:01PM EDT & June 23 1:17AM EDT
  • Daria Novo - Composer and sound designer at Nerdtracks gameaudio

The Making of: GRIS

  • June 21 12:44PM EDT & June 23 2:00AM EDT
  • Conrad Roset - Creative Director of GRIS

Breaking Barriers

  • June 21 1:27PM EDT & June 23 2:43AM EDT
  • Nourhan ElSherief - Senior Game Developer at Instinct Games

How to avoid disruptive behavior in online multiplayer experiences

  • June 21 2:10PM EDT & June 23 3:26AM EDT
  • Fernando Reyes Medina - Multiplayer Game Designer, 343 Industries, Halo Infinite

Supporting Arabic in Video Games

  • June 21 2:53PM EDT & June 23 4:09AM EDT
  • Osama Hussain - Senior Game Programmer at Sumo Digital

Creating Characters in Low Resolution

  • June 21 3:36PM EDT & June 23 4:52AM EDT
  • Lu Nascimento - Art Director and Co-Founder - Bunnyhug

Working With A Remote Team - A Producer's Tips

  • June 21 4:19PM EDT & June 23 5:35AM EDT
  • Farah Khalaf - Producer at Draknek Ltd

Disney, Excalibur and Turn-based Tactics! How do I craft this tale?

  • June 21 5:02PM EDT & June 23 8:27AM EDT
  • Arthur Protasio - Founder, CEO and Narrative Designer

Tips for Better F2P Monetization Design

  • June 21 5:45PM EDT & June 23 7:01AM EDT
  • Fawzi Mesmar - Studio Game Design Director

Programmers empowering Game Designers

  • June 21 6:28PM EDT & June 22 6:39AM EDT
  • Matheus Lessa Rodrigues - Programmer, BitCake Studio

The Cruel Reality of Japanese Indie Scene, and My Attempts to Tackle It

  • June 21 7:11PM EDT & June 23 6:18AM EDT
  • Takaaki Ichijo - CEO, Creator of Back in 1995 and Demolition Robots K.K.

Player Motivation Models: What motivates a person to play a game and how to create this game?

  • June 21 7:54PM EDT & June 22 8:05AM EDT
  • Paula Neves - Marketing Director of Gazeus Games, games: Buraco Jogatina, Dominó Jogatina.

Production Process of "ASTRO BOT : RESCUE MISSION"

  • June 21 8:37PM EDT & June 23 7:44AM EDT
  • Maki Murakami - Artist / Product Development Dept. Japan Studio Sony Interactive Entertainment WWS

Changing lives in 48 hours: Global Game Jam in Brazil

  • June 21 9:20PM EDT & June 22 9:31AM EDT
  • Bruno Campagnolo de Paula - Course Coordinator, PUCPR / Organizer, Global Game Jam Curitiba

Making LA-MULANA's 2D Graphics in 3D

  • June 21 10:03PM EDT & June 22 10:14AM EDT
  • Takumi Naramura - Director of NIGORO. Graphics of Rose & Camellia, LA-MULANA 2

Tools for Overcoming Art Block

  • June 21 10:46PM EDT & June 22 10:57AM EDT
  • Gabby DaRienzo - Co-Founder and Art Director of Laundry Bear Games

Third Generation Gamer, Second Generation Game Designer

  • June 21 11:29PM EDT & June 22 11:40AM EDT
  • Kaho Abe - Designer, Media Artist

Pitching Global, Staying Local: Finding a Publisher Without Leaving Home

  • June 22 12:12AM EDT & June 22 12:23PM EDT
  • John Cooney - VP of Business Development at Armor Games Studios

Being a magician of life - Soliloquy from a Game Designer

  • June 22 12:55AM EDT & June 22 1:06PM EDT
  • Gui Die (Gracie) - Founder of Taplion Studio

Being Successful with Open Source in Game Development

  • June 22 1:38AM EDT & June 22 1:49PM EDT
  • Mark Mandel - Developer Advocate

Marketing Indie Games in China 101

  • June 22 2:21AM EDT & June 22 2:32PM EDT
  • Chen Wen - Co-founder of both Coconut Island Games and Chinese Independent Games Alliance (CiGA)

Intel(r) GameDev Boost

  • June 22 3:04AM EDT & June 22 3:15PM EDT
  • Michelle Chuaprasert - Sr. Director, Intel, Software Enabling

How to improve level design of your game through "Brute-force method"

  • June 22 3:47AM EDT & June 22 3:58PM EDT
  • Gao Ming - Candleman Game Studio, Game Producer

From novice illustrator to game artist in a video game studio in Africa

  • June 22 4:30AM EDT & June 22 4:41PM EDT
  • Amandine Stéphanie Atangana - Illustrator animator 2D/3D

How Sound will drive the Scene atmosphere

  • June 22 5:13AM EDT & June 22 5:24PM EDT
  • ZETA - Sound Director, Lotolotus Sound Design Sound Director, Anime and game dept. Sony/ATV

Pikuniku: emergent narrative and minimalist characters

  • June 22 5:56AM EDT & June 22 6:50PM EDT
  • Arnaud de Bock - Game designer and artist

Design from the heart: Put youself in your games

  • June 22 7:22AM EDT & June 22 9:42PM EDT
  • Osama Dorias - Senior game designer

Childhood lessons: game developers parents or how to juggle our priorities

  • June 22 8:48AM EDT & June 22 8:16PM EDT
  • Elaine Gusella - Game designer, Artifact 5

There are a ton of talks that any aspiring game developer should check out. Be sure to give your support by sharing the streams on social media.

Congratulations to the whole team at We will be cheering you folks on from Twitch chat as we watch the first global game developers conference this weekend. Do it for Shacknews!


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