The Cartridge Family 068 - Post-(E)3 Show 2019: The End of The Fam as You Know It (TM)

It was nice knowin' ya, fellas.


It pains me to announce that the fam isn't getting along. The father-fathers are threatening a divorce or something while the father-brother is pleading to them and insisting they stay together for the father-brothers. It's all very confusing and there are many, many lawyers involved to help sort through the mess, but one thing is clear as day: This isn't your father-father's The Cartridge Family.

By now, surely, you've asked "what is he talking about?" to which I reply "listen to the show to find out". But, if you insist on having a small teaser of what's to come: the fam gets into their first fight. It wasn't pretty but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Also, we re-cap, to Buffa's dismay, the many announcements from last week's E3 2019. Thank you for listening and enjoy the show.

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