Gettin' dirty with Undermine developers Thorium at E3 2019

Don't miss the chance to check out this subterranean rogue-like with a striking art style and a smooth layer of polish.


One of the more interesting indie titles to make an appearance at E3 2019 ins Undermine. The passion project of developers Derel Johnson and Clint Tasker, who make up Thorium. This two-man operation is responsible for the intriguing mix of action RPG and rogue-like action on display  in Undermine. Taking a page from the Spelunky book and adding a dash of A Link to the Past, the game has the looks of a winner. We got to speak with Derek and Clint on the show floor of E3 2019 to get the lowdown on this adventure from the underground.

Like most rogue-likes, Undermine will require lots of determination to conquer. Dying is a huge part of the experience and your character will grow in strength while you grow in knowledge. Each new life is a chance to make a deeper run and gather more loot or make new discoveries.

The game’s official website explains the features that help set Undermine apart from its contemporaries:

  • Dungeon Crawling: Forge that perfect run where you find all the right items, all the right secrets, and get all the right rolls to become a peasant god of destruction.
  • Discovery and Exploration: Bomb walls, blow up rocks, light torches, and discover secret passages, hidden characters, loot, upgrades, and more.
  • Character Progression: The peasants keep dying, but your upgrades pass on. Unlock new abilities that will help in combat and open up new areas to explore.
  • Bosses That Don’t Mess Around: Challenge enormous bosses that take a combination of upgrades and skill to take down.

Undermine will be entering early access this summer with an expected release date in early 2020.

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