E3 2019: Star Renegades combat gameplay interview

Star Renegades, the latest roguelike from Massive Damage, combines modern strategic combat and lush pixel art in a JRPG-inspired, narrative-driven adventure.


Pixel art and roguelike games are a match made in gaming heaven, and the folks at Massive Damage, Inc. are working on a fresh new title combining the best of both into a JRPG-inspired strategy adventure. Shacknews was able to sit down and get cozy with Ken Seto, CEO and founder of Massive Damage, Inc., learn more about Star Renegades' signature blend of strategic battles and glorious retro-inspired visuals.

To hear Seto say it, "Star Renegades is kind of a mash-up of turn-based RPG with a lot of modern roguelite elements to it." As can be seen from the gameplay footage, the game has a striking pixel-art graphical style that showcases its futuristic setting with vibrant colors and retro-accurate detail.

According to the game's Steam page, Star Renegades is "set in an endless interplanetary rebellion against an evil authoritarian empire." Seto himself says the game was largely inspired by JRPGs, with the team aiming to provide a similar narrative-focused experience while simultaneously increasing the amount of time players spend in action.

"We wanted to create something that kind of encapsulated the ideal JRPG experience, which [tends] to be very long narratives," he said. "They want to do something a little different that would still give you that feeling of playing a good JRPG but, having it be in much more playable chunks."

Indeed, the overworld and general vibe of the game give a distinctly retro RPG feeling, right down to battles that play out on a flat plane. The combat is distinctly modern, however, with all manner of counters, interrupts, combos. Players even have the option for squad members to form relationships and birth their own warriors as the conflict between the rebel and imperial forces plays out over time.

Star Renegade will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in the early part of 2020. For more in-depth developer interviews straight from the E3 showroom floor, be sure to follow Shacknews and GamerHubTV over on YouTube.

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