Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will include limb dismemberment

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will include dismemberment in critical moments, but it won't be egregious according to the game's Lead Designer.


One of the most exciting things about E3 2019, was finally getting to see gameplay for Respawn’s upcoming Star Wars title, Jedi: Fallen Order. Since the game’s first reveal, fans have been excited to see more. After seeing the gameplay at EA Play, though, we were curious to know if Fallen Order would include any kind of limb dismemberment. Well, we finally have our answer.

We caught up with Brandon Kelch, the Lead Designer on Fallen Order to learn more about the upcoming Star Wars adventure. One question that we had was whether Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order would allow players to hack off the limbs or body parts of the enemies that Cal comes up against. According to Brandon there will be a form of dismemberment in the game, though it won’t be egregious.

When discussing it, Kelch stated, “we kind of used the films as reference, and working with Disney, it’s like, you know, it’s used as powerful moments, and like kind of critical things. So, we’ll use it in a similar way.” Based off of what Kelch has said, it seems like dismemberment will most likely be something tied to very important moments in the game, so players shouldn’t expect to see it all the time. We’ve already seen a good bit about how combat sequences in Fallen Order will work thanks to the gameplay walkthrough provided at EA Play this year, and even in our own hands-on preview of Fallen Order.

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