Battlefield 5: Tides of War interview at E3 2019

We spoke with the live team behind EA's World War 2 shooter about what players can expect through the end of 2019.


EA and the developers at DICE Sweden launched Battlefield 5 last November to mixed reactions from fans and the press. While the game offered breathtaking visuals and some of the best gameplay in series history, a mountain of bugs, quality of life issues, and a lean amount of content left many players less than satisfied.

The team at DICE is banking on a strong post-launch content buffet to win back the hearts and minds of the Battlefield diehards and showed off the next wave of that content at the E3 2019 EA Play presentation. We got a chance to speak with the live team about what player have to look forward to from Battlefield 5 in 2019.

First up on the Defying the Odds roadmap for Battlefield 5’s summer content drip is a new map called Al Sudan, a desert map from the North African theater that was featured in the War Stories mode chapter entitled Under No Flag. The development team promises a large, open landscape designed for massive vehicle battles. In July, players can expect a new map for the Greek theater called Marita. A companion to the recently released Mercury map, Marita will likely be used to build a Greek campaign for Grand Operations mode.

When August rolls around, fans can expect a pair of new maps designed for the close quarters mode. Provence and Lofoten Islands will offer smaller scale battles and tight quarters. Lofoten Islands appears to make use of a portion of the map from Firestorm. Along with the new maps, players can expect new weapons for each of the four classes, as well as new cosmetics and achievements.

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