Xbox's Dan McCulloch speaks about Project Scarlett and more at E3 2019

Xbox Live boss Dan McCulloch join us on the E3 2019 couch stream to go over what is new with the Xbox platform.


The 2019 edition of E3 is a huge deal for Microsoft and the Xbox Division. After a rocky start in the current console generation against rival Sony and the PS4, the Xbox brand is coming back in a big way. Following a stellar stage presentation during their E3 2019 Briefing, Xbox’s Dan McCulloch sat down with us to speak about Project Scarlett, Xbox Game Pass, and the future of cloud streaming.

This year’s Xbox E3 Briefing was the first time that Microsoft went into any kind of detail regarding the follow up to the Xbox One console, known as Project Scarlett. The upcoming console is said to be purpose built to deliver the best gaming experience possible. Microsoft spent a lot of time during their event talking about the importance of reducing loading times in games and confirmed for the first time that Project Scarlett would make use of solid state drive technology. This type of storage drive is orders of magnitude faster than its platter-based counterparts and has been wildly popular with PC gamers and enthusiasts for a decade.

The Xbox event also confirmed the open secret that AMD’s CPU and GPU technology would once again be used to power a Microsoft console. AMD’s Zen 2 CPU architecture and Navi GPU architecture will be at the heart of Project Scarlett (and the PS4 successor). The new AMD designs are largely similar to the parts found in the Xbox One and PS4, just faster and more energy efficient. The similar architecture has allowed Microsoft to announce full backwards compatibility with the Xbox One library for Project Scarlett.

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