The Outer Worlds interview with Obsidian's Leonard Boyarsky

Obsidian returns to first-person RPGs once again with the otherworldly Outer Worlds.


Traditionally known as a role playing game powerhouse, Obsidian Entertainment has developed a strong reputation for delivering great experiences. On the heels of last years Pillars of Eternity 2, the team is preparing The Outer Worlds, a sci-fi RPG with a first-person perspective. With experience producing Fallout: New Vegas and Alpha Protocol, Obsidian has lots of expertise to apply to their latest project. We got to speak with Obsidian’s Leonard Boyarsky during our E3 2019 live stream to get the low down on what players can expect from this highly-anticipated RPG.

The game’s official website outlines the major features that Obsidian hopes will set The Outer Worlds apart from the competition:

  • The player-driven story RPG: In keeping with the Obsidian tradition, how you approach The Outer Worlds is up to you. Your choices affect not only the way the story develops; but your character build, companion stories, and end game scenarios.
  • You can be flawed, in a good way: New to The Outer Worlds is the idea of flaws. A compelling hero is made by the flaws they carry with them. While playing The Outer Worlds, the game tracks your experience to find what you aren't particularly good at. Keep getting attacked by Raptidons? Taking the Raptiphobia flaw gives you a debuff when confronting the vicious creatures, but rewards you with an additional character perk immediately. This optional approach to the game helps you build the character you want while exploring Halcyon.
  • Lead your companions: During your journey through the furthest colony, you will meet a host of characters who will want to join your crew. Armed with unique abilities, these companions all have their own missions, motivations, and ideals. It's up to you to help them achieve their goals, or turn them to your own ends.
  • Explore the corporate colony: Halcyon is a colony at the edge of the galaxy owned and operated by a corporate board. They control everything... except for the alien monsters left behind when the terraforming of the colony’s two planets didn’t exactly go according to plan. Find your ship, build your crew, and explore the settlements, space stations, and other intriguing locations throughout Halcyon.

Obsidian fans can get a taste of these worlds when the game launches for consoles and PC on October 25.

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