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15 minutes of Gears 5 Escape gameplay footage from E3 2019

Shacknews went to E3 2019 and got some video footage of Gears 5's all-new Escape co-op multiplayer mode.


On Sunday evening, Shacknews had an opportunity to try out Gears 5's newest cooperative multiplayer game mode, Escape. Taking control of three different characters, the task became to wander through a labyrinthine Hive and attempt to escape its confines before the hostiles inside killed everyone.

The above video shows Shacknews' second attempt through the Hive. Operating on Intermediate difficulty, we attempted to make the run with Lahni, the mode's Scout character. Her Electroblade was able to stun enough enemies to set them up for kill shots from the other two characters, Keegan and Mac.

Our run ultimately came to an untimely end against a boss-level Scion. After picking up an EMBAR sniper laser, I was able to do something I was not able to in the first run and that was do significant damage. Sadly, our team flew too close to the sun and in attempting to kill the Scion, it managed to take us down. Our third member was off in another room doing his own thing, leaving us all to die.

Unfortunately, Shacknews wasn't able to get our successful first run on video. However, somebody else did. Trisha Hershberger was one of our partners for an earlier run, where we attempted to run through the Hive on Beginner difficulty. This run proved much more successful, though there were plenty of obstacles that got in our way. Be on the lookout for a certain Ozzie Mejia yelling "Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! RUN!" at the 14-minute mark of the video below. She was a good sport and a strong partner, so give her a follow on YouTube.

Looking for more information on Escape? Be sure to check out our full written impressions of this brand new game mode. Gears 5 will release on September 10 on Xbox One. Follow us throughout this week's E3 2019 and make sure you're following Shacknews and GamerHub.TV on YouTube for all of the latest interviews from the show.

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